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A Japanese baseball player is on the cover of an American magazine.

25.09.2021 54 просмотров

A major sports magazine in the United States released two versions of the cover featuring the famous Japanese baseball player Shohei Otani playing as a pitcher and slugger. 

The October issue of Sports Illustrated, which went on sale on Thursday, came out with two versions of the cover, which show the athlete playing for the Los Angeles Angels team in two of his game roles. Both versions bear the inscription SHOTIME, a play on words referring to the baseball player's high achievement.

The cover of the magazine also reads: “He is not the new Babe Ruth. He's something more." In addition, the issue features a 10-page article on Otani.

Sports Illustrated began publication in 1954.Otani has appeared on its cover before , however, the release with two title images of the athlete was released for the first time.

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