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A driver from Qatar became the champion in the Rally category for the seventh time

27.02.2020 210 просмотров

Nasser al-Attiyah, a multiple World Rally Raid Cup winner, won the World Rally Raid Cup for the seventh time in nine years in Qatar.

He drove a Toyota Hilux car and, despite some difficulties associated with the breakdown of his racing car, managed to outperform his competitors and significantly improve his position in the overall standings of the championship.

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Already on the starting day of the competition, he significantly outperformed the contenders, but then, due to equipment failure, he ended up with his crew in sixth place. After fixing the breakdown, al-Attiyah managed to catch up, once again surpassing other racers on the 350-kilometer stretch of the route between Qatar proper and the settlement of Mekaines. Thus, he ended up in second place, behind the leader of the race, the Saudi Yazid al-Raji.

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"Today we had a very hard day, but we won, and that's the main thing" - said Nasser al- Attia.

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The pilot from Saudi Arabia retired shortly before the finish line, and al-Attiyah managed to become the champion again at the home track of the Qatar Sealine Crosscountry Rally (Qatar Sealine Crosscountry Rally). 

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