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A boy from Armenia moved a chain of cars weighing 5 tons

02.10.2021 179 просмотров

young strong man from Armenia, Davit Sargsyan, set a new record by moving a chain of cars weighing five tons. 

The boy became interested in power extreme sports at the age of four, when he helped his dad move the car. The first record of Davit was registered in the Armenian Association of Bogatyrs. It was there that the boy pushed the Opel Astra Manish car. 

On Children's Day, the young athlete set another record, also registered with the World Records Association. According to the grandmother of the champion, the boy “stretched one car weighing 1430 kg with one finger. With one hand he held out two cars weighing 2903 kg.”

Now Davit Sargsyan is stretching a chain of three cars weighing five tons. The strongman's parents have already sent an application for registration of the achievement to the Guinness Book of Records, reports

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