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$5 million tennis center to appear in Almaty

04.12.2017 176 просмотров

Bulat Utemuratov, President of the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation, spoke about the construction of tennis centers in Kazakhstan, and how much it costs to maintain and develop players, reports.

"We are building the second stage in Almaty. I chose the place on purpose, and a wonderful tennis center will be built for five million dollars. We will call it Ace. Four courts inside and six outside - this is my third tennis center in Almaty. less is missing," Utemuratov said.

The tennis center in Petropavlovsk, according to him, will open early next year. There are also plans to put into operation the second tennis center in Aktobe with a hotel. Two more courts will also be added in Shymkent. Utemuratov also announced the construction of 14 courts in 2018.

"There are not enough courts in Karaganda - there is a strong coaching school, there are many children. There are still not enough courts in Taraz, there will be indoor courts in Kyzylorda. Even Lisakovsk from Kostanay region is worth "We have plans - there is a group of children who play tennis. That is, our task is to build not only in regional centers, but also in large cities. Even two tennis centers in Astana are not enough," he said.

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