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200,000 volunteers to participate in Beijing Winter Olympics

19.12.2021 176 просмотров

About 200,000 volunteers will serve guests and participants of the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, providing them with a wide range of services at the Olympic venues and other key locations. 

This was announced on December 17 at the headquarters of the 2022 Winter Olympics volunteers at a press conference in Beijing.

Volunteers will be responsible for such services as information counseling, language services, first aid and assistance to people with disabilities, noted Li Jian.

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"We have created a command system to guide city volunteers during the Winter Olympics. For key areas such as the surrounding area around the venues competitions, as well as for the Beijing media center and other important sites, we have developed a specific program of work for each position based on its location on the map," he said.

A total of 758 volunteer points have been established in Beijing in main areas, associated with the Olympics. It is expected that from January 25, 2022, all volunteers will already be on duty and begin their duties.

mode, as well as partly offline. Only volunteers who have completed training and meet the requirements will be allowed to service the Games," Li Jian emphasized.

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