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The magazine "Russian Sinology" was presented to a wide audience

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A press conference dedicated to the presentation of the new scientific journal "Russian Sinology" was held at the press center of the media group "Russia Today".

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Acting Director of the Institute of China and Modern Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICSA RAS), Chairman of the Editorial Board of the journal Kirill Babayev stressed that the appearance of a new edition is a rather large event in the world of Chinese studies and Oriental studies in general. The head of the ISSA RAS named three reasons why he and his colleagues consider this event to be the beginning of an important large-scale project:

"Cooperation between Russia and China is growing by leaps and bounds, the "turn to the East", which we have been talking about for many years, but which, in fact, started only last year, is extremely large, and this affects both scientific cooperation and cooperation between educational institutions. It is important for us to increase public attention to China, Chinese civilization, the study of what is happening in the country now, what Russian-Chinese relations are.

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The second reason is that Russian Sinology is at a high level, but there has not been such an academic journal for many decades. This is a big omission, we decided to eliminate this gap.

The third reason is that there is a need for some kind of unification project for Russian sinologists. Sinology needs a platform that would allow for a higher level of discussion, a higher level of cohesion, and it is as such a platform that the journal "Russian Sinology" is proposed.

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Acting Scientific Director of the ISSA RAS, Director of the Center for East Asia and SCO Studies at the MGIMO Institute of International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, 
editor-in-chief of the magazine Alexander Lukin spoke about what materials can be read in the magazine. He expressed the hope that the journal will become an All-Russian coordination center where it will be possible to get information about the events and achievements of Chinese studies.

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Igor Denisov, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Senior Researcher at the Center for East Asian and SCO Studies at the MGIMO Institute of International Studies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, also stressed that the editorial board wants to make the journal interesting and accessible to the general public. This will be provided by the content of articles and the ability to read all issues of the magazine on the website for free.

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Li Yongquan, Director of the Institute for Social Development of Eurasia of the Center for Development Studies of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, took part in the press conference in an online format. He called the publication of the magazine a major event in the field of Russian sinology, which marks a development trend and will help readers to better know and understand China and Sino-Russian relations.

The media representatives present at the press conference asked the editorial staff questions about the frequency of issues, permanent headings, the opportunity to see journalistic materials in the publication. The general director of the TV channel "Big Asia" Alexander Lebedev asked how the printed version of the magazine will be distributed, and whether the circulation of 300 copies is sufficient in the conditions of a turn to the East.

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Alexander Lukin said that fewer and fewer people prefer paper editions, but printed magazines have been received by government agencies, well-known sinologists, as well as libraries, which receive mandatory copies of publications in accordance with regulations. Everyone can freely read or download the materials of the magazine on the website.

The speakers also answered a number of questions from the participants of the press conference concerning Russian-Chinese and Chinese-American relations.

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