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Residents of Shanghai told about their consumer habits

08.03.2023 Телеграм-канал "Китайская панорама" 19 просмотров

In honor of International Women's Day, many events are held in Shanghai, including sales in stores and shops. 

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity say that despite discounts, they treat purchases rationally.


"I know what suits me and what I like. Our resources are not infinite, so I want to spend time and money only on what really suits me and is interesting," one of the visitors of the shopping quarter shared.


According to the results of a survey conducted by the research company Mintel among women, 83% of respondents are guided by their own opinion when making decisions. Analysts also found that as women become more financially independent, they prefer to invest in themselves – in health, appearance, career development and hobbies, as well as in social activities.

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