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South Koreans are fleeing from the price of heating in tents

27.01.2023 ТАСС 75 просмотров

Koreans put up tents in houses to save on the increased cost of heating.

South Koreans have found ways to escape from the cold and at the same time not spend money on expensive heating, many put tents in houses, insulate windows, and also lower the heating temperature of tap water. This was reported by the Coria Times on Friday.

According to the newspaper, South Koreans in December "were stunned" to receive gas and electricity bills. Some Koreans report that payments have increased by one and a half to two times. At the same time, uncharacteristically severe frosts have already come to the country twice this winter, the last wave swept across the peninsula this week, when the temperature in Seoul dropped to minus 19 degrees rare for the capital. At the same time, the government plans to further increase tariffs.

Against this background, Koreans are looking for ways to keep warm without turning on the heating at full capacity. So, a resident of the country, Kim, told the newspaper that he had set up a tent in his apartment, in which he lives alone. "At first I wasn't sure, but now, after using it for a few days, I realized why this method is popular on online platforms," he said.

According to him, he puts the thermostat on the minimum heating of the air in the apartment to 15 degrees Celsius and, once in the tent, rarely leaves it. The air-tight material allows you to keep the heat inside. The tent itself costs about $ 20, which is an order of magnitude less than the monthly heating bill in a small apartment.

Mother of two children Choi said that she also bought a tent for them. According to her, she came across such an energy saving advice on the Internet and is pleased with the decision. "I'm glad the kids like it. They say they feel like they're on a camping trip," Choi explained.

In addition, Choi also lowered the water heating temperature in the boiler from 60 to 40 degrees, which was also recommended on online forums. According to the newspaper, among other ways to save on heating, tips on sealing windows are popular. To do this, Koreans buy special insulating curtains or seal up gaps between frames and windows with improvised means.

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