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Residents of Russia will be able to observe the ISS flights until the end of July

06.07.2022 ТАСС 44 просмотров

Residents of Moscow and Vladivostok will be able to observe the ISS flights from July 6 to 12.

Residents of Russia will be able to observe the flights of the International Space Station (ISS) in the sky until the end of July, the cosmonaut said on Tuesday in his telegram channelSergey Korsakov, who also gave a schedule of the station's flights for observations from Moscow and Vladivostok.

"The ISS visibility season will last until about the end of July. In 1.5 weeks, the station will begin to appear in the evening sky, and by the end of the period it will be possible to observe it mainly in the first half of the night," he saidSergey Korsakov.

According to the schedule provided by the cosmonaut, the ISS flights over Moscow and Vladivostok can be observed from July 6, they will last almost a week, until July 12.

"In terms of brightness, it (the station — approx. TASS) can compete even with Jupiter and Venus, and its rapid movement across the sky from west to east attracts the special attention of observers," the cosmonaut noted.

Roscosmos cosmonauts are currently on board the ISSOleg Artemyev,Denis Matveev andSergey Korsakov, NASA astronauts Chell Lindgren,Robert Hines andJessica Watkins, also an astronaut of the European Space Agency Samantha Cristoforetti.

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