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The health of the nation, the boom of Chinese medicine, winter fun, dreams of Russians - See the Chinese panorama – 466

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 466):
  • Chinese doctors guard the health of citizens during the New Year holidays The demand for traditional Chinese medicine services has doubled in China
  • In Beijing, folk festivals are held in honor of the Spring Festival
  • Russians told about what they would like to see in China during the New Year holidays

Chinese doctors guard the health of citizens during the New Year holidays Many Chinese doctors met the Spring festival at the workplace.

Among them is Chu Xinxia from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. She is the head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care at the People's Hospital in Guyuan City District. For 28 years, she has been guarding the health of citizens, and duty on holidays is a familiar thing for a doctor.

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Chu Xinxia, Director of the Department of Respiratory Medicine and Intensive Care of the People's Hospital of Guyuan City District: "It's a pity that I can't be with my family during the holidays, but this has its advantages, thanks to our work, patients recover faster, and I think it's worth it."

Residents of small villages of Guyuan County are also under the supervision of medical staff. So, in the village of Yangguan, the Doctor Ma Duiping closely monitors the health status of vulnerable groups of the population and keeps patient statistics.

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Ma Duiping, doctor of Yangguan Village of Guyuan City District: "We diagnose and treat elderly people with chronic diseases and lung diseases, visit them at home after recovery.
We ask elderly people to observe safety measures: wear a mask when leaving home, do not visit crowded places, wash their hands thoroughly and ventilate the room regularly."

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Ma Wen, a resident of Yangguan Village of Guyuan City District: "Doctors often come to our house, measure my grandfather's blood sugar level and bring medicines.
We are very pleased with their work."

The district authorities actively urge the elderly to comply with all preventive measures to protect themselves during the holidays and after their completion.

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The demand for traditional Chinese medicine services has doubled in China In China, patients with postcovid symptoms are treated with the help of traditional Chinese medicine.

Doctors of a specialized hospital in Hongtong County, Shanxi Province, note that after the recent outbreak of coronavirus, the number of such patients is increasing. 

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Li Feng, Head Physician of the Rehabilitation Department of the Hongtong County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: "Since the beginning of January, there have been three times more patients.
There were more people willing when we announced that we could provide recovery after the covid. We know that after recovery, some patients may have symptoms such as headaches, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath and body aches for a long time."

For the treatment of patients in the hospital, traditional Chinese medicine methods are used. This includes acupuncture, and treatment with cans, and moxibustion. Many patients feel better after several days of such procedures.

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Chai Qing, a local resident: "I received treatment with acupuncture and moxibustion.
Now I feel stronger, my shortness of breath has disappeared after climbing the stairs."

Chai Xiuxiu, a local resident: 0109 "I used to have a severe headache so much that I couldn't fall asleep.
I feel much better now."

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According to doctors, since the beginning of the month, the demand for traditional Chinese medicine services has doubled. To help everyone, doctors work overtime. The hospital is also preparing for a possible increase in the number of patients after the Lunar New Year celebration.

In Beijing, folk festivals are held in honor of the Spring Festival

On New Year's holidays, folk festivals were organized in Beijing's Yuanmingyuan Park. Winter fun, fairs and exhibitions attract a lot of visitors there.

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Li Xiangyang, Deputy Director of Yuanmingyuan Park Administration: "There is a ski base at the Zaoyuan Gate, where there are tubing and zorbing.
These entertainments are very popular with children. And at the skating rink near Fenglin Island, you can go sledding or double winter bicycles, as well as electronic dog sledding. The skating rink on Lake Fuhai is very large, its area is about 40 thousand square meters. Here they will offer to sledge on the ice."

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At the fair, visitors can buy New Year's souvenirs and goodies, and on a special platform make wishes and attract good luck in the new year.

Guo Hanxi, tourist: "I bought this holiday passport at the store at the entrance to the park.
This is something like a quest. After visiting each attraction in the park, they put the seal of this place in the passport. Then, with all the seals set, you can receive gifts."

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To attract more visitors, the administration of Yuanmingyuan Park has started distributing free tickets, 200 thousand lucky people will receive them in the first week of the new year of the Rabbit.

Russians told about what they would like to see in China during the New Year holidays The Celestial Empire met the Spring festival brightly and colorfully!

The New Year mood of Chinese residents was also transmitted to Russians. Those who are well acquainted with the traditions and culture of the People's Republic of China told about what they would like to see when they are in China for the New Year.

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Karina Zhanaeva, student of the Ural Federal University: "If I visited China, I would like to see the dragon dance, or the lion dance – it's a very spectacular show."

Natalia Ampleeva, Employee of the Center for Intercultural Communications of the Far Eastern State Scientific Library: "I would really like to see the street performances that take place during these two weeks.
Moreover, they are always different in different provinces. I would like to travel to the provinces, see them."

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Evgenia Marshyanova, entrepreneur, cafe owner: "Probably, first of all I would like to see the Lantern Festival, which comes on the 15th day, when these red lanterns light up on all the streets.
That's very beautiful. Such a colorful event. I would really like to get on it."

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Nikita Kornev, Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Retraining and Advanced Training of UrFU, Yekaterinburg: "I would like to visit the south of China, I would like to celebrate the spring festival in Guangzhou, or in Shanghai.
I would like to see a drone parade, I would like to see the scope that central and southern China can provide."

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Svetlana Noraeva, an employee of the Yekaterinburg Library Center: "I was in Guangzhou, there is a river there, it's called the Pearl River, and there are always very beautiful, interesting, New Year's shows on the water on it in the New Year.
I've never seen him. I've only seen it on television."

Every year on the holidays on the occasion of the Spring holiday, bright and cheerful New Year's events are held in different parts of China, and with the opening of the borders, all connoisseurs of the culture of the Celestial Empire will be able to realize their dreams and plunge into the festive atmosphere of the Celestial Empire.

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