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Hong Kong residents with covid will wear electronic bracelets

16.07.2022 ТАСС 155 просмотров

Hong Kong has introduced a system of using electronic bracelets for covid patients.

Since Friday, the Hong Kong authorities have introduced a system of using electronic bracelets for covid patients or asymptomatic carriers of the virus with a positive test result who are on home self-isolation. This was reported by the Government of this special administrative region of China.

The infected person is given a bracelet along with a set of items necessary for quarantine, including masks and rapid tests. Government employees will help patients activate these wrist devices. To do this, you need to scan the QR code contained on the bracelets in the mobile application and geographically mark the limits of your home, walking through all the rooms of the apartment during the activation period.

Violators of the quarantine regime face a fine of 25 thousand Hong Kong dollars (3.2 thousand US dollars) and up to six months in prison.

Over the past 24 hours, 3,674 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Hong Kong, which was the highest figure in the last three months.

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