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South Ossetia celebrates the 14th anniversary of recognition of independence

26.08.2022 ТАСС 55 просмотров

South Ossetia will celebrate the recognition of independence by Russia with a children's holiday and an exhibition of paintings.

South Ossetia on Friday celebrates the 14th anniversary of the recognition of state independence by the Russian Federation with a children's holiday, an exhibition of paintings by Russian and South Ossetian artists and concerts in all regions of the republic, the Minister of Culture of the Transcaucasian Republic Radmila Dzagoeva told TASS.

"Concerts dedicated to the 14th anniversary of the recognition of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation will be held in the regions of the republic, in particular, in the city of Kvaisa, the villages of Leningor and Dzau. Concert programs have been prepared by the creative teams of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic," she said Radmila Dzagoeva.

She noted that the main events will be held in the capital of the republic — Tskhinvali and they will begin with the children's holiday "Drawing on Asphalt", which will be held on Khetagurova Street in front of the presidential administration building. The minister clarified that children are waiting for various entertainments with animators, contests and a concert with the participation of children's groups of the republic.

"Then an exhibition of paintings by South Ossetian and Russian artists opens in the foyer of the State Drama Theater of the Republic. The works of Murat Shavlokhov, Arkady Kumaritov, Tamerlan Tskhovrebov, Atsamaz Kharebov, Lavrenti Kasoev are presented from South Ossetia. In addition, the works of Russian artists Dmitry Shagin, Alexander Chursin, Valentin Markushin and others are presented," Dzagoeva clarified.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, the events will continue with a solemn meeting of representatives of the public of South Ossetia and guests, whose arrival is expected in the republic. There, after the official part of the celebration, the audience will be presented with a concert of national music with the participation of the state orchestra of folk instruments "Aizald", the state song and dance ensemble "Simd", as well as opera performers of Honored artists of South and North Ossetia Amagi Gotti, Vano Bekoev, Atsamaz Slanov and others.

The celebration will end on Friday evening with a big concert at the Theater Square — the main square of the capital — with the participation of pop performers from South and North Ossetia.

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