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You can visit the unique Mogao caves using your phone

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Greater Asia" (issue 54): & nbsp;

  • Chinese scientists talk about the prospects for space exploration
  • China's total imports and exports increased by more than 13%
  • Inner Mongolian authorities continue to fight Hummocks on the Yellow River
  • You can visit grotto No. 331 of the unique Mogao caves using your phone
  • Chinese women set a record for purchasing cosmetics, gadgets and travel packages
  • Additional power lines will ensure a rich harvest of peaches
  • The picking season has begun in China shellfish 
  • Blind musicians talk about their performance at the Paralympics

Chinese scientists spoke about the prospects for space exploration

Leading designers of the Chinese space industry shared their ambitious plans for space exploration. One of the main ongoing projects is the construction of the Tiangong space station, on board of which Chinese astronauts are currently working. 


Zhou Jianping, chief designer of the manned space program flights of China:

“The era of space stations is just beginning. Obviously, there is a lot of work ahead. This year's program includes the completion of the construction of the station, the flight of cosmonauts into orbit, the docking of cargo spacecraft, and the delivery of scientific equipment, which will later be put into operation. Then in 23 or 24, we also plan to launch the China Space Station Telescope (CSST). It will provide us with a wide range of opportunities to explore the universe."


China is looking beyond Earth orbit and has already reached the Red Planet. Last May, the Tianwen-1 lander reached the surface of Mars. This extraordinary event confirmed China's ambitions for space exploration.


Zhang Rongqiao, chief designer of the Tianwen-1 mission: < br>
“The plan of our further actions is extremely clear. The next step will be to study space asteroid samples. We will also collect, deliver and study soil samples from Mars. The task is very difficult, and so far no country has been able to deliver soil and rock samples from the Red Planet to Earth, but we are confident that we can do it. 


China is also implementing its own global positioning structure through the creation and development of the Beidou navigation satellite system, which translates as "Big Dipper". 


Yang Changfeng, BDS chief designer:< /i>

“We showed a new generation of the BeiDou system. We plan to fully implement it at the national level by 2035. And very soon you will be able to use our system seamlessly, reliably and efficiently all over the world - on land, at sea, in the air and even in space.”


Achievements of Chinese scientists and engineers in space exploration confirm their place at the forefront of world space science. Many developments and solutions are distinguished by the highest level of complexity, and some of them were used in the space industry for the first time.


China's total imports and exports increased by more than 13%< /b>

China's total imports and exports increased by 13.3% in the first two months of this year, according to data from the country's General Administration of Customs.  

< br> China exported more than 2 trillion yuan of machinery and electrical products. The growth was driven by a doubling in exports of automobiles and electronic components. The country imported more than 1 trillion yuan of machine-building, electrical and agricultural products. 


Li Kuiwen, Director of the Statistics and Analysis Department of the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China:

“In the first two months, China's foreign trade showed steady growth compared to the same period last year. China has demonstrated a stable start, despite the difficult situation in the world.  The course for long-term positive development of China remains unchanged.”


In January and February, the structuring of China's foreign trade continued, with a steady increase in total trade and that achieved by private enterprises .


Inner Mongolian authorities continue to fight hummocks on the Yellow River

The continuous increase in temperature in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China has accelerated melting ice on the Yellow River. This forced flood control services to take urgent measures to prevent ice jams.


As a result of melting, a large number of ice blocks and hummocks formed on the river near the city of Bayan-Nur. This could raise the water level to a life-threatening level. The Yellow River Flood and Drought Prevention General Administration has stepped up emergency flood diversion work. As a result, excess water will be redirected to other rivers and lakes, and water supplies will be replenished.


Employees of the Inner Mongolia Flood Control Department are on high alert. Specialists have intensified patrolling and monitoring of ice blocks accumulation areas in order to prevent emergencies. Huanghe - The Yellow River is one of China's main water arteries. Her path passes through nine provinces and autonomous regions of the country. 

Ancient Mogao Caves can now be visited with a smartphone

Masterpieces of the world-famous Mogao Caves in Dunhuang becomes available to Internet users.


Photo and video of the grotto number 331 have been digitized, and now everyone can appreciate the frescoes that the cave keeps. This became possible thanks to the project, which started in mid-February with the participation of the China Research Foundation for the Conservation of Dunhuang Grottoes. Then a fundraiser and donations was announced   for the reconstruction of cave No. 331.   


A digital pavilion was built with the support of the China Media Corporation. combining the most advanced technologies with the use of artificial intelligence. With the help of three-dimensional video and photos, the viewers have the effect of full presence. In addition, you can now visit cave No. 331, as well as other grottoes, see the relics of Dunhuang using mobile phones and computers.


Centuries-old Mogao grottoes built in 366 AD. -  these are 492 caves, famous for their statues and drawings on the walls. They represent more than 1000 years of Buddhist art history. In 1987, the Mogao Caves were recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Chinese women set a record for purchasing cosmetics, gadgets and travel packages

С With the onset of spring, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire provided record sales of cosmetics, electronic gadgets and tourist tours to the country's retail chains. " title="KP-53-39.jpg">

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS - for the website), retail sales of cosmetics in China last year amounted to more than 400 billion yuan. In previous years, the fair sex was interested in skin care products. But during recent promotions dedicated to International Women's Day, eye shadow, eyebrow pencils and perfumes burst into the top sellers.


“Before, our women did not abuse eye shadow. And if they did choose, they preferred discreet and dull colors.  But now it's the other way around. Customers choose bright shades to emphasize their individuality,” says a saleswoman from a cosmetics store.

KP-53 -41.jpg

According to Chinese e-commerce giant (Jingdong Mall - Jingdong Mall), over the past year, women have increased spending & nbsp; on  fitness trackers, smart watches, virtual reality glasses, quadcopters and home robots. At the same time, women aged 46 to 55 became the most active buyers of electronic devices. Thanks to their acquisitions, sales of modern gadgets increased by 122%. 


According to online travel agencies, last year women began to travel and relax more! Women made up almost half of the total number of vacationers.


Additional transmission lines will ensure a rich harvest of peaches

These days, employees of the electric power Companies in the city of Xuzhou in eastern Jiangsu province are testing power facilities and building two additional transmission lines to farmers' fields and orchards to ensure uninterrupted water supplies before the start of the growing season. For example, owners of a honey peach plantation in Xinyi County can now water all 5200 hectares of land every day and not worry about possible drought. 


Li Gan, peach grower:< /i>

“Peach trees need a lot of water in spring. This ensures their growth and then harvest. Previously, you had to spend a lot of effort on watering. But this year, the power supply company built two new lines for us. Thanks to this, we are provided with water. Watering the peaches has become much easier.”


To stimulate the development of "smart agriculture", the regional authorities are introducing modern drip irrigation systems.
This high-tech method allows you to introduce liquid complex fertilizers and pesticides simultaneously with irrigation. Local authorities are also building warehouses to store fresh produce. They are equipped with an intelligent constant temperature maintenance system.


The season of shellfish harvesting has begun in China

The season of shellfish harvesting has begun in Shandong Province, which will last until May. Locals have been growing soft-bodied delicacies for the past three decades, as the region's microorganism-laden mud flats provide the ideal conditions for it. This season, due to heavy rains, the clams have become larger, which means their value in the market will increase.


Shi Xiaodong, Shellfish Farmer:

“The shellfish are larger than in previous years. Now they cost about two dollars per kilogram, while last year this figure was 2 times less”.


Farmers spend more 6 hours a day to collect mollusks in the sea, each boat produces up to three tons of catch every day.

Blind musicians told about their performance at the Paralympics

The wind ensemble, which includes blind musicians aged 10 to 22, performed the anthem of the Paralympic Games at the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics in Beijing. The artists will remember these minutes for the rest of their lives.


The ensemble, which was created at the Chongqing Center for Special Education, became the largest for participants with visual impairments.

Li Fengxian, Composer of China National Symphony Orchestra:

“This is the largest orchestra of its kind in the world. I made an arrangement for them of the Paralympic anthem and I'm glad that they were able to perform their reading of this music on the big stage.”

KP-53-64. jpg

The selection of participants and rehearsals began in November. Of the 70 people, 44 musicians were included in the final line-up. The signed Confidentiality Regulations prevented the troupe from inviting professionals to rehearse. Young musicians relied on their teachers, who were fully responsible for every stage of the rehearsal process.  


The blind musicians had to learn not only music, but also work on facial expressions. An important task was to learn how to smile well for filming and the audience at the stadium. Due to the lack of visual experience, the guys need to touch and feel the smiling faces of other people, and for practice they used chopsticks. Wang Taifan, a member of the orchestra, spoke about the challenges he faced.


Wang Taifan, musician:< /i>

“It's very cold in Beijing to play outdoors in winter. The tool gets cold and I don't feel the vibration as well. I could give wrong notes, so I had to practice outside more. I rehearsed until my performance was perfect."


Despite all the difficulties,Li Longmei, director of the Chongqing Special Education Center , believes that this speech had a tremendous impact on her students.

Li Longmei, director of the Chongqing Special Education Center:

< i> “The influence goes far beyond imagination. Few people are given the opportunity to perform on a grand stage, and the valuable experience has become a treasure for life. After that, there are no difficulties that seem insurmountable.”


At the end of the performance of the Anthem of the Future by the musicians, the Paralympic flag was hoisted over the stadium.

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