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You can improve karma via the Internet in Thailand

09.01.2020 81 просмотров

This proposal was made by Buddhist monks.

An online blessing can be received from a Buddhist monk via video link for alms. The service is available to Internet users around the world. 

Monks believe that worshipers can give alms and receive blessings via the Internet, as the changing pace of modern life prevents many Buddhists from personally giving food and making other offerings novices. The practice is also gaining popularity in many temples in Thailand.

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Buddhists celebrate
today the Holiday full moon

Purification of karma in the form of gifts - fruits, vegetables and other treats - is carried out through the delivery service.

The first instance of an online blessing occurred when one of the monks wrote on his social media page that he had been delivered to the temple with food ordered by a worshiping Buddhist. After that, the parishioner received a blessing via video link.

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