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Yemeni fishermen find valued at $1.5 million

03.06.2021 149 просмотров

Yemeni fishermen found ambergris worth $1.5 million in the body of a sperm whale.

group of 35 Yemeni fishermen have extracted a rare ambergris, a wax-like solid substance used in perfumery as a scent fixative, from the digestive tract of a sperm whale. This was reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Fishermen did not have to catch a large marine mammal: the sperm whale itself threw itself onto the coast of the Gulf of Aden in southern Yemen, one of the poorest regions in the world.

“If you find ambergris on a sperm whale, this is a real treasure. One of our good friends called everyone to the shore at dawn, saying that a sperm whale had thrown itself there and, perhaps, there was ambergris inside it. As we got closer to the animal, we could smell a very strong smell. We decided to cut it open,” said one of the fishermen. “We were right, there really was ambergris. The smell was unpleasant, but we understood that it promised us big money,” he continued.

Experts estimated the fishermen's find at $1.5 million. “We are extremely poor. We never thought that we would be able to find such a value and that it would cost so much,” shared another participant in the “operation” to extract ambergris from the sperm whale.

his future wife. Someone bought a car or a boat,” shared another fisherman. In addition, the fishermen distributed the money received from a rare find to all those in need in their native village.

Ambergris extracted from the sperm whale throughout history has been widely used in medicine and perfumery. It was used as an aphrodisiac, and was also added to incense. According to experts, only up to 5% of sperm whales can contain ambergris. The sperm whale feeds mainly on squid containing chitinous plates, which are very harmful to the intestines of a mammal. Therefore, the animal produces a substance that facilitates the passage of the squid through its digestive tract. In some countries, the sale of ambergris is prohibited by law.

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