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Shenzhen Job Fair, Olympics: a year later, a show in honor of the Lantern Festival – see "Chinese Panorama"-481

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Watch the information and journalistic program "Chinese Panorama" on the TV channel "Big Asia" (Issue 481):
  • A large-scale job fair from well-known enterprises was held in Shenzhen China celebrates the anniversary of the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing
  • The media corporation of China showed a gala concert in honor of the Lantern Festival

A large-scale job fair from well-known enterprises was held in Shenzhen The first big fair where employers and job seekers can easily find each other has started in Shenzhen.

60 well–known companies offer more than 2000 vacancies - in the fields of production and energy, hotel and restaurant business, construction and housing and communal services.

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Zhao Yulu, employee of the Human resources department of a construction company: "As we are actively expanding our business and infrastructure-related projects, we need strong specialists in this field."

Zheng Guishan, employee of the Human resources department of a fiber–optic manufacturing company:"We need vendors, programmers, hardware developers and technical support engineers.
We can offer about 50 jobs."

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Those who are located in other regions were also able to participate in the fair. A live broadcast was organized for such applicants. It was viewed by about 120 thousand viewers, more than a thousand of them sent a resume.

"There is a really wide variety of vacancies at the fair. I hope I will be able to find a job here to my liking and for a long time," one of the applicants for the vacant position expresses his intentions.

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To help local enterprises, the Shenzhen authorities plan to invest 270 million yuan in both production and labor resources.

Cai Yuxin, Employee of the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Administration: "From January to March, we will hold 208 recruitment events, there may be more, depending on the employment needs in each district.
These events will be held in various formats, including we will travel to other provinces to hire talented specialists and transfer them to Shenzhen."

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In 2023, the Shenzhen authorities set a goal to achieve the growth of the gross urban product by 6%. Job fairs will also help in this.

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China celebrates the anniversary of the opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics

China is celebrating the anniversary of the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, sent a video message of gratitude to China.

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Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee: "Thank you for preserving this impressive Olympic legacy for the future."

In Beijing and in Hebei Province, a whole series of festive events – exhibitions, carnivals and, of course, sports competitions - are planned at the snow and ice Olympic venues until mid-March. 

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Wu Nian, Deputy Director of the Ice Cube Sports Complex: "I grew up with this sports complex.
The Olympics for me is a great challenge and a great achievement."

Famous athletes and Olympic champions take part in the festive events.

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Xu Mengtao, 2022 Olympic freestyle champion: "All sports grounds are used today.
We develop ice and snow sports and preserve the Olympic spirit. This is very important."

The Olympiad also gave a lot of experience to local authorities.

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Yin Yun, Mayor of Beijing: "Beijing
he held both the summer and Winter Olympic Games. This is our advantage: we will continue to use innovations, adhere to openness and deepen international cooperation."

The Winter Games in Beijing continue to bring social and economic benefits to China. Both professional athletes and amateurs are engaged in all Olympic venues. There are more and more of the latter. Since 2015, when Beijing was announced as the venue for the Games, more than 345 million Chinese have started to engage in snow and ice sports.

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The media corporation of China showed a gala concert in honor of the Lantern Festival

The media Corporation of China presented a gala concert in honor of the Lantern Festival. The program of the show includes folk and modern songs, performances of gymnasts and opera performers, as well as various numbers dedicated to folk traditions.

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Wang Sulong, singer: "I sang a song with my good friend, also a popular singer.
I think it creates a festive atmosphere. I hope that the audience felt joy when they listened to this song."

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Also at the concert, a new musical composition was performed, the name of which can be translated as "A hundred phoenixes flying to the Sun". This number symbolized the rebirth of the nation.

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Wu Tong, singer: "This piece combines the playing of the classical instrument sona, rock motifs and vocals.
It turned out to be a very positive, energetic and cheerful track."

The artists of kunqu, the oldest variety of Chinese opera, performed the song "Slow Melody" in Cantonese. And the gymnasts in their room turned into chess pieces and showed dizzying acrobatic tricks. The main theme of the gala concert was lights. The audience was shown how to create lanterns, the art of making which is included in the list of intangible cultural heritage.

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In order for the audience to fully enjoy the show, the organizers used augmented reality and three-dimensional sound technologies. The gala concert was broadcast on central television channels, on radio and on new platforms. The show could also be viewed on 500 ultra-high definition 8K screens located in different parts of the Celestial Empire.

The Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar and marks the end of the celebration of the Chinese New Year. On this day, it is customary to light lanterns, solve riddles, admire the Moon and treat each other to yuanxiao – boiled balls of sticky rice flour with stuffing.

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