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Japan to cancel mandatory PCR test for arrivals from China

09.02.2023 ТАСС 57 просмотров

According to Fuji TV, Tokyo will retain the requirement to provide a certificate of absence of infection made 72 hours before departure to the country.

In February, the Japanese authorities plan to cancel the requirement to pass a mandatory PCR test for infection with a new coronavirus for those arriving in the country from China. This was announced on Wednesday, citing sources, by the Fuji-TV channel.

It is noted that the Japanese quarantine services will, if necessary, check for infection only a limited number of arrivals from China. Meanwhile, they will still be required to provide a certificate of absence of infection, made 72 hours before departure to Japan.

Since December 30, Tokyo has introduced mandatory rapid testing for coronavirus for all arrivals from mainland China, Macau and those who have visited the territory of the People's Republic of China during the last week. However, since January 8, these requirements have been tightened. To enter Japan, you must provide a certificate of a negative coronavirus test made 72 hours before departure, and pass a PCR test upon arrival. The measures affect everyone, regardless of the presence or absence of a vaccination certificate.

In early December, China relaxed anti-covid restrictions, after which the widespread spread of coronavirus was recorded there. According to medical experts, these are weakened strains of COVID-19, in connection with which the disease usually proceeds in a gentle form, the probability of death is low. Against this background, the Government of the People's Republic of China has significantly relaxed quarantine restrictions for those entering the country since January 8.

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