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Japan and the Philippines are interested in cooperation in space

24.06.2022 ТАСС 172 просмотров

They plan to increase the ability to carry out observations.

The authorities of Japan and the Philippines are interested in cooperation not only in the field of defense, but also in the space field. According to the Kyodo news agency, a representative of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces said this on ThursdayShunji Izutsu during a visit to an air base located on the Philippine island of Luzon.

According toShunji Izutsu, thanks to the cooperation of Tokyo and Manila, expect to increase their capabilities to carry out observations.

On May 27, Japan handed over to the Philippines the second newest patrol ship equipped with the most modern radar equipment. The first ship is already operating in the South China Sea, where the Philippines is involved in a protracted dispute with China over the rights to the strategically important Spratly Archipelago (Nansha) located there, as well as a number of other islands.

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