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'Wrong' ingredients in COVID-19 vaccine won't prevent Muslims from being vaccinated

25.12.2020 62 просмотров

The United Arab Emirates has approved the use of coronavirus vaccines with non-halal ingredients.

Muslims can receive a vaccine against the new coronavirus containing non-halal components. Such a religious prescription was promulgated by the Fatwa Council of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the country's highest Islamic body.

"Muslims are allowed to use the coronavirus vaccine even if it contains non-halal ingredients, such as pork gelatin, " Wednesday Al-Arabiya TV channel. “Coronavirus vaccination is a preventive medical measure for individuals, especially during pandemics, when healthy people are exposed to infections due to a high risk of infection, which poses a threat to the whole society.”

In connection with the development of vaccines against coronavirus in Islamic countries, a heated discussion has flared up about the legality of their application in the light of the fact that in the manufacture of such drugs in  ; Violation of religious norms used pork gelatin. However, the Fatwam Board believes that "in the absence of an alternative, vaccines with these ingredients cannot be banned." “Because COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that puts thousands of people at risk, the use of such a vaccine is acceptable,” the organization concluded.

In March, Saudi Arabia announced its intention to create its own halal drug without pork gelatin, but since no concrete results of these developments have been  reported.

On Wednesday, free vaccinations with a drug produced by the American company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech (Biontek) began in the emirate of Dubai . It was previously approved by the Ministry of Health for use in the country.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the UAE, more than 197 thousand cases have been identified, about 173 thousand have recovered, active patients - 23.5 thousand people, 645 have died. During this period, about 20 million tests were made.

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