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World's largest truffle sells for $50,000

06.12.2018 92 просмотров

The buyer of the giant mushroom weighing 1150 grams was an Italian restaurant located in Dubai.

huge truffle was discovered in the Tuscan Islands by two sniffing dogs. It took more than an hour to remove the find from the ground without damaging it. The rare mushroom will now be used to prepare more than 650 dishes at Roberto's Italian Restaurant, which is open in the Dubai International Financial Center. 

The seller of the unique find, Massimo Vidoni, who is known among restaurant business professionals as a "truffle man", said Arabian Bussiness that he is very happy that the giant mushroom will be eaten by the people of Dubai. 
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“Over the past six years, I have repeatedly brought huge truffles to the city, each of which became a record holder. The specimen sold today passed the kilometer barrier,” added the mushroom supplier. 

The publication reminds Middle Eastern readers that truffles are often referred to as the “culinary diamond”. They grow underground and can only be harvested in winter. Specially trained sniffing dogs are used to search for them. 

Dubai's Roberto's restaurant will use the giant mushroom to prepare dishes from a special truffle menu that will be offered to guests throughout the month. 

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