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Women in Saudi Arabia allowed to drive

19.06.2018 178 просмотров

Many of the ladies wanted just that, and they are easy to understand. When it's 40 degrees outside, it's not always convenient to walk. 

It is difficult for women to use a taxi, because a man is driving. According to the laws of the Kingdom, a passenger should not be left alone with a member of the opposite sex she does not know. In addition, driving a car on your own is just convenient.

The Saudi company Aramco has 66,000 employees, 3,000 of whom are women. About 200 ladies have already enrolled in special "women only" driving courses. On June 24 this year, Saudi men will see their beautiful compatriots on the roads of the Kingdom for the first time.

Saudi Arabia_Woman Driving_Car Friends Community of Caring Friends.jpg

Photo: Avtodrug. Community of caring auto friends

It is noteworthy that until today, if a woman was caught driving a vehicle, then her husband, father or older brother had to serve several days in a cell for that they overlooked the female half of the house. Equalization of men and women in the rights on the roads will mean the need to apply to them the entirety of the letter of the law, including permission to use public transport, as well as the right to open your head while driving: otherwise the police will be able to identify the violator of traffic rules. In addition, driving a vehicle with a blind headscarf on your head can lead to an accident. It looks like the reforms are just beginning.

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Photo: Tsikavo nobility

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