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WHO team "resting" in quarantine in China

19.01.2021 52 просмотров

A group of WHO experts shared their life in quarantine in a hotel in Wuhan, China.

World Health Organization (WHO) panel of experts undergoing a mandatory two-week quarantine at a designated hotel in Wuhan, central China's Hubei province, tweeted about life in medically supervised isolation the day before.

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experts from 10 countries arrived in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China, to conduct joint research with Chinese scientists on the origins of COVID-19. Before starting work, the WHO team must undergo quarantine procedures in accordance with China's anti-epidemic measures.

On January 18, some members of the delegation tweeted footage of their lives during the quarantine.

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Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans released a video of him getting his body temperature checked every morning, while British-American zoologist Peter Daszak shared photos of the sunrise and his breakfast, noting that work and meetings have been suspended.

WHO experts are expected to work with Chinese colleagues on a joint mission to find out how the pandemic has evolved and how best to prepare for new diseases in the future.

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