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WHO not considering importing coronavirus to China

19.02.2021 135 просмотров

The WHO considers it highly unlikely that the coronavirus was brought into China from outside.

The version that coronavirus was brought to China with frozen food or its packaging from another country is extremely unlikely. This was stated on Thursday at a briefing by the head of the WHO international expert group that visited China, a specialist in zoonotic (transmitted to humans from animals) infections and food security, Peter Ben Embarek.

“This is a very rare occurrence,” he noted. “ In China, despite large-scale studies, few positive results have been identified." “Therefore, the idea of importing the virus into China through food or packaging is not the idea that we focus on,  - said the expert. — We focus on the market in Wuhan, in the frozen meat trade. This is a completely different transmission line. This is not  international trade.'

WHO experts arrived in Wuhan to study of the origin of the new type of coronavirus on January 14. After their arrival, they were placed in a two-week quarantine, during which they held consultations by video link with their Chinese colleagues. During the visit, the experts visited the Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market, where the coronavirus outbreak was first recorded in December 2019, a number of infectious disease hospitals in the city, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

At the final press conference on February 9, representatives of the international group stated that they succeeded to achieve any serious breakthrough, however, in the course of joint work with colleagues from China they were able to identify the main hypotheses for the emergence of coronavirus. The most likely version, according to experts, is that the virus was transmitted from wild animals through an intermediate link. In their opinion, the virus could first spread among one population of animals, which served as a natural "reservoir" in which the coronavirus mutated, overcame the interspecies barrier and acquired the ability to infect humans.

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