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Who in Russia met the New Year the very first

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The first in Russia to celebrate the New Year - 9 hours earlier than Moscow - were the hermits of the Russian Cat Spit (the Chukchi name is Chegrainon).

residents of the "Russian Cat" lighthouse, which stands on the spit of the same name, were the very first in the vast country to welcome the onset of the new 2019 year.

The lighthouse stands on a narrow and long spit, far protruding into the restless Barents Sea - between estuary and bay. The length of the spit is 24 kilometers, and the width in many places is not even 2 meters! The height above sea level does not exceed 2-3 meters. At the same time, at high tide and during a storm, waves easily roll over a narrow strip of coast, which is quite natural with a possible wind speed of up to 20 meters per second. Surprisingly, in the farthest part of it, open to all the icy winds of the cold water area, a small group of people permanently lives, which the locals have long dubbed "Robinsons".

Employees of this facility, located in a very inhospitable place  (in winter the temperature drops to 30 degrees below zero), are assigned to the Hydrographic Department of the Pacific Fleet and are rightfully considered naval sailors. Thanks to the uninterrupted operation of the lighthouse, navigation between Vladivostok and Anadyr is ensured. The nearest settlement - the village of Coal mines - is located at a distance of 85 kilometers by an all-terrain vehicle. Products for the winter period are brought by boat for six months at a time. Sometimes in winter, a motor ship can sail to the caretakers. which still happens very rarely. The lighthouse has its own bakery, and the basis of the diet in the coldest months is cabbage, potatoes and canned food. Communication with the mainland is carried out by radio. Volunteer hermits occupy their leisure time with books, radio programs and television programs on those days when there is no interference on the air.
Russian Cat lighthouse. Photo:

It is curious that some inhabitants of this place, lost between the sky, cold water and snowy deserted tundra, live at the lighthouse for many years without actually leaving it. And in winter, you often have to go to work along a long covered passage due to extreme frost and hurricane gusts of wind. Nevertheless, on election days, they are visited by a visiting commission so that the citizens of Russia can fulfill their civic duty.

According to legend, the Big Cat spit was discovered in 1651 by the legendary pioneer Semyon Dezhnev.

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