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"Week of Remembrance" will begin with the opening of the international exhibition in RAMT

15.01.2021 162 просмотров

January 18, Monday, the Russian Academic Youth Theater (RAMT) will host the grand opening of a new exhibition "The Holocaust: Annihilation, Resistance, Salvation", prepared by the Holocaust Center with the participation of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC).

The ceremony will mark the official opening of the annual - already the seventh in a row - Remembrance Week. This year it takes place in Russia at the federal level from January 18 to January 31< /b>.

The exhibition at RAMT is an international project: documents and photographs from 25 archives, museums and funds of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia were used in its preparation , Germany, Israel, Poland, USA, France, Switzerland. The exposition consists of 18 stands, among them “The Holocaust. Beginning”, “The Holocaust in the USSR”, “The Holocaust in Russia”, “The Unconquered”, “We Swear to Take Revenge”, “Saviors and the Saved”, “Liberation”, “The Liberators of Auschwitz”, “Bringing Back to Life”, “Telling the World ”, “Restore dignity” and others. The exhibition includes personal stories of the victims, rescued and their saviors, shows the scope and characteristics of the Holocaust on the territory of our country, tells about the feat of the Red Army in the liberation of Nazi camps and ghettos, and about the feat of Soviet doctors who brought the exhausted prisoners of Auschwitz and others back to life. camps.

“Week of Remembrance” – a series of memorial and educational events dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January. On this day, the Red Army liberated the Auschwitz death camp (Oswiecim) in 1945.  Like every year, the Week of Remembrance was organized by the Russian Jewish Congress, the Government of Moscow, the Holocaust Center and the Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs (FADN).

Despite the current epidemic situation, it was decided to hold the main events of the “Week of Remembrance” offline, while strictly observing sanitary and epidemic safety measures. The full program of events planned both in Moscow and in the regions is published on the website

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