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"Week of Courage" in Yakutsk: Soviet soldiers went to school

02.02.2018 32 просмотров

Employees of the SOBR of the republican department of the Russian Guard went to schools to conduct lessons of courage and patriotism there.

The "Week of Courage" campaign has started in Yakutia.

At School No. 36 in the city of Yakutsk, the "lesson of courage" for elementary school students began with a demonstration of a film about the formation of a combat unit, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. The schoolchildren were able to see the special operations and events that brought the unit well-deserved fame.

The schoolchildren were interested in the story about the employees' business trips to the North Caucasus region, where they demonstrated high professionalism, the ability to perform responsible tasks and confidently meet all the requirements of the time.
The practical part of the meeting - a demonstration of weapons and equipment of a SOBR fighter - was no less interesting and exciting. Everyone could try on a bulletproof vest, a helmet and feel like real defenders of the Fatherland.

The patriotic action "Week of Courage" of the special forces of the territorial administration of the Russian Guard has become traditional. Thematic lessons dedicated to the heroic and sometimes tragic pages of the history of the Fatherland have been held by SOBR for a number of years. The experience gained allows employees to find new forms and methods of working with schoolchildren, to instill in them respect for the exploits of heroes, to form a sense of patriotism and readiness to defend the Motherland.



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