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Wang Yi invites Indian Prime Minister's National Security Adviser to China

26.03.2022 77 просмотров

Wang Yi and Ajita Dovala noted that restoring peace and tranquility on the Sino-Indian border would help build mutual trust.

The Chinese delegation, led by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, invited National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister of IndiaAjit Dowalto visit China. Ajit Dovalreplied positively to this invitation,

According to the TV channel, Ajit Doval stated that will be able to come “after the pressing issues are successfully resolved between the two sides.”

According to NDTV, the parties agreed that maintaining the current situation in the Sino-Indian border area is not in mutual interest . They noted that the restoration of peace and tranquility would help strengthen mutual trust and create favorable conditions for progress in bilateral relations. The parties also discussed the situation in Ukraine.

On Friday, Wang Yi also met with Indian Foreign Minister Subramanyam Jaishankar.

Chinese Foreign Minister arrived in New Delhi Thursday evening for an unannounced visit. This is the first visit of a high-ranking representative of Beijing to India in two years.

Relations between neighboring countries deteriorated sharply in May 2020, when the confrontation between the Indian and Chinese armies began in Eastern Ladakh. It was led to by clashes near Lake Pangog-Tso between the military personnel of the two countries, clashes were repeated in June in the valley of the Galvan River and led to losses on both sides. After a series of negotiations at the military and diplomatic levels, India and China last year began a mutual gradual withdrawal of troops from disputed areas on the border.

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