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Volunteers in Thailand are actively fighting the spread of COVID-19

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The real heroes of our time are the volunteers. Ordinary men and women who have decided that they cannot stand aside, seeing how difficult it is for people around them to cope with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The monk Frompong Kaino is at risk every day. The task that he took upon himself is to test as many citizens from vulnerable categories as possible for coronavirus, of course, absolutely free of charge. Other monks also work with him. Within a month, Frompong alone tested more than two thousand people, a fifth of whom were sick. 

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said Frompong Kaino. “Whether it is a Buddhist, Christian or Muslim community, we are all human beings and deserve fair treatment and urgent care.”

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Even funeral workers do volunteer work. They created the Volunteer Cremation Service Fund and help families in distress to say goodbye to their loved ones with dignity. 

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“Today the nation is in crisis and I have never seen Thai people suffer so much,” he says. fellow volunteer named Paruch Sudtup. “It's hard to feel through the lens of a TV screen, but as someone standing between the human world and the afterlife, it's hard for me to control my emotions.”

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places in hospitals and available medicines. But the demand of the citizens turned out to be incredibly large. To help those in need, aerospace engineers decided to create an online platform where anyone can post a request for help. Anyone can help.

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“The map of Bangkok is the first thing volunteers see when they visit our site,” explained Vasanchai Wongantavanich, developer of the Jitasa online help platform. care. - Red flags mean that people need help at this address. If you click on any of them, you will see exactly what a particular person needs. 

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The creator of the volunteer platform said that in just three weeks from the launch of the system, 9,000 people who wanted to help those in need had registered on the site. Most of them are ordinary Thais who are not related to volunteer organizations.

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