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Volunteers come to Armenia for war

30.10.2020 178 просмотров

An accelerated course for a young fighter for civilians is being held in Armenia.

In Armenia, society is increasingly mobilizing as Azerbaijani troops advance towards the heart of Nagorno-Karabakh, the city of Stepanakert. Volunteers from Western European countries arrive in the Transcaucasian Republic in order to take up arms and stand in line to defend the unrecognized autonomy.


Agazi Asatryan, volunteer:

"My German employers wouldn't understand that a person might want to go to war "I know our history well and I know that we, Armenians, would not have lived for so many centuries without this concept that every person must fight for his homeland. And we were able to defend our homeland and live up to our time only with blood and sweat."


Knarik Karaminasyan, volunteer:

you get used to everything new... Honestly, now I feel even better than when I was sitting at home and reading and flipping through the news on Facebook, not knowing how to help. that's important."


Armenians consider Nagorno-Karabakh one of the oldest centers of their culture. From the point of view of linguistics, the inhabitants of the unrecognized autonomy speak not the modern, but the ancient, archaic Armenian language.


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