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The Far Eastern fish Festival will be held in Vladivostok

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The event will take place during the Smelt and Co festival on February 11.

The city festival of Far Eastern winter fish will be held in Vladivostok on February 11. The event will take place during the gastronomic festival "Smelt and Co." This was announced to journalists on Tuesday by the founder of the festival, the head of the Pacific Russia Food project Tatiana Zarechneva.

"We will have a city holiday on February 11, where we will gather several chefs, fry smelt, gather people at the site by the lake on Patrokla [in Vladivostok], <...> there is a beautiful view. The winter fish festival "Smelt and Co.", a city holiday [will begin] at 13:00 (06:00 Moscow time)," Tatiana Zarechneva said, adding that it is planned to build themed games based on local Far Eastern cuisine and seaside street food.

The event provides for the alternation of gastronomic activities and physical activity.

From February 1 to February 15, the Smelt and Co Festival will be held for the fifth time in 45 restaurants of the Far East - in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. According to the organizers, each institution will offer guests two types of "zharekha" - from smelt and from any other winter fish: flounder, navaga, pollock at a single price - 150 rubles per 100 g. The establishments will also offer original dishes, for example, burgers with smoked navaga, cream cheese cream soup with pollock, khachapuri with smelt and pizza, in which Far Eastern fish will replace anchovy.

Smelt remains a favorite fish of the Far East. The organizers of the festival seek to destroy common stereotypes about Far Eastern fish and popularize the familiar product, strengthening it with unusual combinations of flavors.

This year, in addition to Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky joined the festival, last year the gastronomic event was held in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk. The School of Far Eastern Cuisine will hold master classes on the proper preparation of dishes from winter fish. The festival is organized by the School of Far Eastern Cuisine and the Pacific Tourism Union and has been held as part of the public project for the development of Far Eastern cuisine Pacific Russia Food since 2019.

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