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State support of tourism was discussed in Vladivostok

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WEB.The Russian Federation supports the expansion of measures to support tourism projects in the Far East.

WEB.The Russian Federation supports the expansion of state support measures for tourism projects in the Far East. This was stated by the senior managing banker of VEB.Russian Federation Anton Perin, speaking at the session "Journey to The East: Opportunities for Investors and tourists" of the Eastern Economic Forum.

According to him, "complex projects in tourism are often large-scale and very complex, and the marginality of this business is not very high." "Banks are really reluctant to go into some projects without state support, it is much more difficult for them to make a decision. The increased interest rate increases the price tag of the services themselves, which limits availability and leads to greater risks. To be able to predict the return of funds by investors and banks, the stability of all support measures is necessary. Interest rates are very important, so the subsidy that we have now is working successfully, it certainly needs to be preserved. Perhaps it makes sense for the Far East to discuss additional support measures taking into account the peculiarities of the region (climatic, seismological, logistical)," Anton Perin said.

At the same time, a representative of VEB.The Russian Federation noted that thanks to the mechanisms launched a year ago (subsidy, the corporation "Tourism.Russia") investment activity in the industry has changed qualitatively. "Investors see that support measures are working, and they are much more willing to go into project design, more and more initiatives are emerging. And banks see it. web.The Russian Federation, in partnership with commercial banks, is financing complex, large, complex development projects. One ruble of budget funds accounts for 10 rubles of extra—budgetary financing, of which 8 rubles are funds from banks," Perin said.

"The Far East for VEB.The Russian Federation is a special region, we have a separate support tool — our preferential long—term loans at 2% for projects in the Far East and in The Arctic. Tourism is a priority for our state development corporation, the Three Volcanoes project is in the active stage, structuring is currently being completed, and we are moving to its implementation. A trip to the Far East is a dream trip that people are willing to save up for. The region has a huge potential, and our job is to realize it," the banker stressed.

According to VEB.The Russian Federation, along with Baikal and Altai, the Far East is among the three coveted places. A trip to the Far East is 2.5 times more expensive than in the country, and only 10% of the room stock meets the standards.

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