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Reconstructed Zhukovsky Children's Park opened in Vladikavkaz

25.09.2022 ТАСС 47 просмотров

Sculptures and a fountain were installed in the park.

The Zhukovsky Children's Park has opened in Vladikavkaz after reconstruction, Vyacheslav Mildzikhov, head of the city's local government administration, said on his Telegram channel on Saturday.

"Children from Vladikavkaz schools lit up this cloudy, rainy morning with their radiant smiles. They came to rejoice at the renovated Children's Park named after V.A. Zhukovsky, which, as promised, we opened for the City Day," the message says.

The reconstruction of the park was carried out under the federal program "Creating a comfortable urban environment".

The Children's Park in Vladikavkaz is named after the Russian poet V.A. Zhukovsky. Initially, there was a square on the site of the park, which was formed in the middle of the XIX century and was marked on the city plan as Alexander Square. The name of the square came from the Alexander Nevsky Church located here, which was built at the expense of the Navaginsky Regiment. There was also a cemetery attached to the church, where prominent citizens of the city were buried.

In the mid-1970s, a Tu-124 aircraft was installed in the park, which stood until the early 1990s. Now there are children's fairy-tale sculptures and a fountain in the park.

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