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The Chinese Navy presented a new nuclear submarine

30.09.2022 ТАСС 89 просмотров

China has shown for the first time a new nuclear submarine capable of carrying intercontinental missiles.

The Navy of the People's Liberation Army of China (PLA) showed for the first time on Thursday video footage of the most modern strategic nuclear submarine of the 094A project, which is capable of carrying intercontinental ballistic missiles. This was reported by the newspaper "South China Morning Post".

This submarine entered service on April 23 last year, which was timed to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the formation of the PLA Navy. It is capable of carrying the latest JL-3 solid-fuel intercontinental missiles, whose flight range exceeds 10 thousand km, which is enough to hit targets in the United States.

At the same time, China has demonstrated the latest version of the multipurpose nuclear submarine project 093. Both sumbarins appeared in a story about the training of the crew of the aircraft carrier Liaoning, shown on Central Chinese television on the eve of the key XX Congress of the Communist Party of China, which is scheduled to open on October 16. The captain of the 094A submarine Zhang Xiaopeng also appeared in the video, the newspaper said.

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