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Chinese authorities are campaigning against Exorbitant bride prices

15.02.2023 Телеграмм-канал "Китайская панорама" 23 просмотров

The bride price as an engagement gift has a long history in China as a gesture of goodwill between a couple and their two families.

However, the price for a bride has grown from a symbolic amount to a very high level and is increasingly becoming a heavy burden for families, especially in rural areas. So, in some urban areas, the price for a bride usually ranges from 100 to 150 thousand yuan (~ 1-1.6 million rubles), and in some rural areas the price is even higher – up to 288 thousand yuan (more than 3 million rubles).

After last year's campaign to curb excessive bride prices in Dingxi City, 70% of married couples received less than 50,000 yuan as a bride price, which is almost 11% less than before the campaign.

The campaign also calls for weddings to have no more than 20 tables, while the cost of each table should not exceed 880 yuan (9500 rubles) in urban areas and 480 yuan (~5200 rubles) in rural areas.

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