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Vladimir Putin spoke with the governors online

22.04.2020 51 просмотров

The President of Russia constantly monitors the implementation of all measures designed to help our country cope with the spread of a dangerous infection - COVID-19.

An obligatory part of the daily work schedule of the national leader is work via videoconference with governors who are personally responsible for the accelerated commissioning of an increased number of beds and for the construction of new infectious diseases buildings to combat coronavirus in a number of regions of the country.

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Primorsky Krai is under special control due to its territorial proximity to China. On April 21, the head of state had a talk with Primorye Governor Oleg Kozhemyako and listened to his detailed report. in the region,” the head of state said, “How are you implementing the plan to create additional specialized beds?"

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"By the 28th, we will be 100% ready to deploy an additional 948 beds, provided by 70%, Oleg Kozhemyako, Governor of Primorye, replied to Vladimir Putin.

“In general, the work has now been done well,” Vladimir Putin noted. “I hope that you now they said it will be completed. Anything you have to do will be implemented. We must move forward at the same pace!"

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