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Vladimir Putin: "March 8 is the day when love triumphs"

08.03.2021 181 просмотров

According to the president, the holiday of March 8 affirms the role of women in the tradition of preserving true values.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers International Women's Day a good tradition for preserving true values and moral guidelines.

“Today, in every home, in every family, sincere words of tender, heartfelt gratitude are heard - we say to our mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, work colleagues. And these long-standing traditions of celebrating March 8 create a special mood for everyone, symbolize the onset of spring, affirm the role of women in our lives, in preserving those true values that have always been and, I am sure, will remain an inspiring, moral guide,” the head of state said. in a televised address on the occasion of International Women's Day.

“You bring harmony, tenderness, beauty and the strongest, purest, most disinterested feeling to this world - unconditional maternal love, give yourself unreservedly to children, their development, upbringing, worry and worry about them, be proud and rejoice in their successes, do everything so that they grow up to be successful, worthy people,” Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian women. In his opinion, “taking care of children, the warmth of home comfort, with which women always strive to surround their relatives, is all hard everyday work.” “Of course, he deserves the highest recognition,” the president is sure.

The head of state noted that women manage “in some incomprehensible way to succeed everywhere and in everything, to reach the heights in various fields of activity, to cause invariable respect for its commitment, reliability, responsible approach to business”. “And today is just such an occasion to thank you for these qualities that are important for any profession,” the Russian leader believes.

“March 8 is the day when love, admiration and gratitude triumph. These wonderful emotions overwhelm and unite all of us,” the President stressed. He wholeheartedly congratulated the Russians on the holiday, wishing them health, success in everything, mutual understanding, as many reasons for smiles and joy as possible. "Be happy!" - the head of state concluded the address.

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