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Virologist from Wuhan warns of the danger of the spread of new infections

06.12.2020 98 просмотров

A Chinese virologist has warned about the spread of new types of coronavirus.

A virologist from the Chinese city of Wuhan Shi Zhengli warned about the spread of new types of coronavirus. This was reported by The Guardian on Friday.

Zhengli noted that bats living in the border regions in the south and southwest of China are carriers of other types of coronavirus that can already be transmitted to humans .

She emphasized that these novel coronavirus infections, including those related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19, are likely to spread in nature  outside of China. “We should look for them not only in China, but and in the countries of South Asia,  - said the scientist.

Bats are believed to be the natural carrier of the coronavirus, but Zhengli said it is highly likely that the virus was transmitted to an intermediate animal before reaching humans. . It is not yet known which animal became intermediate. It is believed that pangolins could become such a carrier. In that case, Zhengli claims, the virus could have been transmitted from bats to pangolins outside of China. It is also not clear how long the virus had been circulating in animals or humans before it was discovered last year.

Shi Zhengli's point of view is shared by Professor Edward Holmes, a virologist from the University of Sydney. He believes that SARS-CoV-2 could remain in the intermediate carrier for a long time. In addition, in his opinion, it is likely that the first human infection could not have occurred in the city of Wuhan and not even in the province of Hubei.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected people in the world now stands at 65,016,336, 1,502,728 people have died, and 41,705,009 people have recovered. The largest number of infections - 14,086,016 cases - was detected in the United States. In total, 275,550 infected people died in the United States, 5,322,128 people recovered. Next in terms of number of infections is India with 9,534,964 detected cases, 138,648 deaths and 8,973,373 recovered patients. The third place is occupied by Brazil, where 6,436,650 citizens were infected, 174,515 died, 5,759,294 recovered.

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