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Vietnamese archaeologists unearth 9,000-year-old 'military warehouse'

22.06.2019 82 просмотров

Archaeologists from the Institute of Archeology of Vietnam and the Bac Can Museum have unearthed ancient artifacts in the northern province of Bac Can.

In Puong Cave, in the Ba Be National Park, they discovered about 100 stone and bone objects that indicate traces of the existence of early people.

Two ancient slabs were found at the excavation site, which the researchers at first mistakenly took for part of the tomb . 

Some of the objects discovered by scientists were made from small pebbles taken from the beds of streams and rivers. These finds bear a strong resemblance to the tools of the Hoa Binh civilization (12,000–10,000 BC). These include oval tools and short axles.

The bones of pigs, monkeys, hedgehogs and deer, as well as the shells of oysters, snails and some nuts, were found by archaeologists to be the remains of food left by early people.

The researchers also found a rectangular stone with three round holes at a distance of four centimeters from each other, whose functions could not be determined. 

According to Professor Trin Nang Chung, the expedition leader, this territory belonged to the inhabitants of the Hoa Binh New Stone civilization centuries, which are between 8,000 and 9,000 years old.

According to him, more research will be carried out at Puong Cave in the next few months.

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