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Vietnam to transfer Nanocovax vaccine production technology to South Korea

20.08.2021 54 просмотров

An agreement on the transfer of technology for the production of the vaccine was concluded with the Korean company HLB Pharma Ceutical.

Vietnam has signed a memorandum of understanding with a South Korean company to transfer production technology for its COVID-19 vaccine Nanocovax. This was reported on Friday by the local news portal VnExpress, citing the director of the company Nanogen, which developed Nanocovax, Ho Nyan.

According to him, agreements on the transfer of technology for the production of the vaccine were concluded with the Korean company HLB Pharma Ceutical. “Vietnam is the fourth largest vaccine manufacturer in Asia with a 126-year history of vaccine development. At the same time, we appreciate the solid experience of HLB Pharma Ceutical in the biomedical industry,” emphasized Ho Nyan .

HLB Pharma Ceutical noted that the Nanocovax vaccine has proven its effectiveness and safety. The company intends to supply it both to the domestic and foreign markets. Earlier this month, Nanogen signed a technology transfer and production deployment agreement for Nanocovax with Indian pharmaceutical company Vekaria Healthcare.

Nanocovax is the most mature of the four coronavirus vaccines being developed in Vietnam. At the moment, the third phase of clinical trials of the drug in humans is being completed. It will be registered by the Ministry of Health and approved for use. Immediately thereafter, Nanogen will apply for urgent approval from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Nanogen's production capacity is now 8-12 million doses of the vaccine per month. By the end of the year, it will be increased to 30-50 million doses, and already in 2022 the company will be able to reach a monthly production volume of 100 million doses.

Before the appearance of domestic vaccines against COVID-19, Vietnam will purchase foreign-made drugs . According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic, by the end of this year, Vietnam will receive a total of about 150 million doses of vaccine from foreign manufacturers. Arrangements on commercial deliveries to Vietnam have been reached with the manufacturers of the British-Swedish vaccine AstraZeneca, the Russian Sputnik V, as well as the American companies Pfizer and Moderna.

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