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Vietnam begins final phase of second vaccine trial

05.03.2021 120 просмотров

Vietnam begins human trials of its second coronavirus vaccine.

Vietnam has opened registration for those wishing to take part in trials of a second locally produced coronavirus vaccine. This was reported on Friday by the Internet news publication Tin Tyk, citing the Ministry of Health of the Republic.

In the course of the upcoming trials, the Covivac vaccine developed by the Vietnamese Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals will be tested. Kovivac has already been successfully tested on animals and meets all safety requirements for human testing.

150 Hanoi volunteers aged 18 to 59 will take part in the first stage of clinical trials. Volunteers should not have allergies, infectious and concomitant diseases. Participants in the trials will receive two vaccinations 28 days apart.

In February, the country began the second phase of trials of the first Vietnamese coronavirus vaccine, Nanocovax (Nanokovax), produced by the local pharmaceutical company Nanogen (Nanogen). . With successful results of clinical trials, Nanocovax will be put into production at the end of this year, the expected volume of its production is 50 million doses per year.

two Vietnamese vaccine manufacturers, including the Vaccine and Biologicals Company and the Vaccine and Medical Biologicals Research Center.

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