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Viet Nam drops coronavirus cases

11.04.2022 229 просмотров

Vietnam has recorded the lowest daily number of covid infections in two months.

The number of cases of coronavirus infections in Vietnam on April 10 was 28,307, which was the lowest figure in the past two months. This was announced on Monday by the National Coordinating Committee for the Prevention and Control of the Spread of COVID-19 Disease.

According to the agency, compared with the previous day on Sunday, the number of new infections decreased by 5,831. At the same time, the total number of infected coronavirus in Vietnam since January 2020 amounted to 10,198,236 people. Of these, 42,813 people died due to complications caused by coronavirus infection. Most of the infected were detected during the fourth wave of the pandemic, which has been ongoing here since the end of April 2021.

Last month, the Ministry of Health announced a change in its approach to responding to the spread of COVID-19. Now the healthcare sector is fighting the coronavirus based on a differentiated approach to managing the risks of infection and the spread of the disease. However, all medical units and services in the country remain prepared for any possible scenario, including the re-emergence of a large-scale epidemic and the emergence of new, more dangerous strains of coronavirus.

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