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Video cameras to be installed in all schools in Delhi

27.03.2018 210 просмотров

City Hall has developed a plan to equip all public schools with video surveillance systems.

The idea is that every parent can connect to the school's video cameras, reports IndiaDaily. To do this, you need to install a special application on your smartphone that will identify users by name/password combination. 

Parents will only be able to connect to cameras installed in the classroom. Viewing will also be available to officials from the metropolitan education system. The video will be broadcast online and also recorded in a special archive, the newspaper writes. 

According to the mayor of the Indian capital, Arvind Kejriwal, every parent will be able to see in real time how his child is studying. 

“We believe that this will make the entire educational system transparent and ensure the safety of children. The video surveillance system will have special facilities for filing complaints. If, for example, a parent saw something inappropriate and something he did not like, or if the system gives technical failures, it will be possible to send a signal about this directly from the application,” said Arvind Kejriwal.

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