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14.08.2022 ТАСС 80 просмотров

A new Chinese unmanned ship helicopter has made its first flight.

The new Chinese unmanned ship helicopter AR-500CJ has made its first flight. The demonstration of the drone, CNN reported on Friday, took place in Poyang County, Jiangxi Province in eastern China.

The unmanned vehicle (UAV), the report says, showed good flight qualities, all systems functioned normally during the flight, "which marks its official entry into the phase of test flights from the design and manufacturing stage."

The purpose of the drone is not reported. Earlier, the Chinese website Xinlan wrote that this is a Type I deck-mounted unmanned helicopter platform developed by Aviation Industry Helicopters "for the needs of potential users."

"It inherits the technical achievements of the AR-500BJ and comprehensively improves the flight characteristics and capabilities of the platform," the message said. During the development of the improved model, "a number of technological breakthroughs were achieved."

In June, the first flight was made by the Chinese unmanned transport aircraft TP500. The drone, Chinese television reported, worked smoothly during the entire 27-minute flight. The TP500 was independently designed and manufactured by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). "This is the first large unmanned transport aircraft produced in accordance with the guidelines of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China," the commentator stressed.

In July, the premiere of the ZA800 light aircraft, "completely made of carbon fiber," took place. The demonstration of the aircraft took place in Hubei Province (Central China). The aircraft is a single-engine two-seat monoplane and, according to Chinese media, belongs to the class of light sports aircraft. It is also intended for flight training. The advantages of the aircraft include the full localization of its production in China.

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