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Venezuela thanks Russia for saving from coronavirus

30.03.2021 47 просмотров

The Russian vaccine made it easier or even saved the lives of Venezuelan medical workers and pensioners.

Russia has started mass deliveries of the COVID-19 vaccine to Venezuela. On March 29, another shipment of a vital drug arrived in this country.

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Jorge Arreaza, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela:

"We were given not just medicine, but life itself with it! We thank the Russian Ambassador and we thank President Putin! We thank the entire Russian Federation! In the coming hours, we will release additional positive news on the development of our constructive relations with Russia. 

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Venezuela is doing everything possible to organize cooperation under very difficult international circumstances. About 8 trillion dollars are frozen in our foreign accounts around the world. oil drivers. President Maduro has made every effort necessary to arrange for the supply of the vaccine through all existing channels."

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Carlos Alvarado, Minister of Health of Venezuela:

"We have already vaccinated 98,000 healthcare workers in Venezuela with the Russian vaccine. The doctors breathed a sigh of relief, because they are the ones who are constantly at the forefront of our fight against the coronavirus. With a new batch of the drug that just arrived, we will finish vaccinating healthcare workers and move on to the over 60s who have chronic diseases." 

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Venezuela is experiencing great difficulties in the field of foreign economic activity after the United States imposed economic sanctions against the oil sector of this state in 2019. In total, Russia and China supplied Caracas with at least one million individual doses of the vaccine.

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