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Vector's anti-coronavirus vaccine awaits registration and testing

22.09.2020 110 просмотров

Rospotrebnadzor disclosed the details of registration and clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine from the Vector Center.

The drug called "Epivaccorona" is planned to be registered on October 15th. After that, clinical trials of the vaccine will start, in which volunteers over 60 years old, as well as people with chronic diseases, will be able to take part.

It should be reminded that earlier in Moscow a group of volunteers were vaccinated against the coronavirus with the experimental Sputnik-V vaccine as part of the third final phase of testing the drug.

According to the data of one of the initiators of the development of the vaccine - the Russian Direct Investment Fund - the first results of vaccination of 40 thousand people should be received in late October-early November of this year.

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