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Vaxzevria vaccine delivered to Azerbaijan within COVAX platform

04.04.2021 45 просмотров

84,000 doses of Vaxzevria vaccine have been delivered to Azerbaijan within the framework of the COVAX platform.

Azerbaijan received on Sunday the first batch of Vaxzevria vaccine (“Vaxzevria”; the new name of the drug from AstraZeneca, “AstraZeneca” - TASS note) as part of the international platform COVAX (“Kovax”).

“84 thousand doses of the drug AstraZeneka were delivered to Baku by plane from the Republic of Korea,” Deputy Health Minister Victor Gasimov told reporters.

By the end of May, the country will receive 432,000 doses of this vaccine, developed by the Anglo-Swedish company. In addition, within eight weeks, Azerbaijan is waiting for the delivery of 218,790 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine (Pfizer-Biontek) within the framework of COVAX.

On April 1, the Republic also received 500,000 doses of the CoronaVac vaccine (“ Koronavak") of the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech ("Sinovac biotech") from a contracted batch of 5 million doses. Another 4 million doses of this drug will be delivered to the country from Turkey.

Vaccination of the population against coronavirus in Azerbaijan began on January 18. So far, CoronaVac is used for immunization. As of April 3, nearly 925,000 people have already been vaccinated.

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