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Vaccination of the adult population became mandatory in Tajikistan

03.07.2021 132 просмотров

Tajikistan announces mandatory vaccination against coronavirus

Vaccination against coronavirus infection in Tajikistan for adult citizens has become mandatory. This decision was made by the republican headquarters to strengthen anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, its text was published on Saturday on the website of the state news agency Khovar. "Vaccination against coronavirus is mandatory for citizens over 18 years of age," the headquarters said in a decision. It is noted that for immunization, citizens must contact a family doctor or a medical institution at the place of residence, where they will be vaccinated free of charge. At the same time, the headquarters recommends testing for coronavirus and 10 days in home isolation for citizens entering the territory of Tajikistan from abroad, regardless of the test result. In addition, in connection with the new wave of coronavirus in the countries of the region and the world, the headquarters calls on the population to strictly observe the rules of personal and public hygiene, social distance in transport and public places, and the mandatory wearing of masks. Also, due to the high risk of spread and transmission of coronavirus, citizens of the republic are strongly recommended to hold public events, weddings and celebrations with a limited number of guests.

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