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Vaccination in Japan will begin with physicians

16.02.2021 92 просмотров

The first stage of vaccination against coronavirus in Japan will cover 40,000 health workers.

The Japanese authorities will start vaccinating the country's residents against the new coronavirus on February 17 and will vaccinate about 40,000 medical workers at the first stage. Taro Kono, the minister in charge of vaccination, said this at a press conference on Tuesday.

“Vaccination will begin tomorrow, at the first stage it will cover about 40 thousand medical workers the minister announced. “The procedure will take place in two stages, the second vaccination will be administered three weeks after the first.” Taro Kono also emphasized that in order to control the safety of vaccination, "half of the medical workers will keep a diary of their condition for seven weeks from the first vaccination."

According to the minister, now the authorities Japan is preparing a stockpile of vaccines for the second phase, which "will begin no earlier than April 1." During it, residents of the country over 65 years of age will be vaccinated, the corresponding process is planned to be completed "in two months and three weeks." Meanwhile, the government expects a new batch of vaccines from the EU to arrive in the country next week. Taro Kono stated that "about 1,500 medical institutions will receive special freezers for their storage by the end of this month."

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan approved on February 14 the use of a vaccine produced by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer (“Pfizer”) in the country. Last year, Japanese authorities signed agreements to supply vaccines with Pfizer, as well as with the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca) and the American biotech firm Moderna (Moderna).

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