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Vaccination in India is carried out 24 hours a day

04.03.2021 44 просмотров

India has switched to round-the-clock vaccination against coronavirus.

The Indian authorities have allowed round-the-clock vaccination against coronavirus throughout the country. Harsh Vardhan, India's health minister, announced this on his Twitter page on Thursday.

“The government has lifted temporary restrictions to speed up vaccinations. Now people can get vaccinated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, when it suits them,” the minister said.

Previously, people in India could get vaccinated in public and private clinics daily from 9:00 to 17:00 by local time. After the cancellation of this schedule, hospitals, in agreement with the state authorities, can vaccinate the population around the clock, if there are necessary conditions for this.

In India, vaccination against coronavirus began on January 16. It was planned that up to 30 million people would be vaccinated at the first stage: 10 million health workers and 20 million employees at risk (police, military, employees of civil defense departments). Indian authorities previously reported that they plan to vaccinate about 300 million people by July this year. So far, 16,616,048 people have been vaccinated in the country.

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