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A pavilion for Japanese macaques will appear in the Novosibirsk Zoo

08.02.2023 ТАСС 40 просмотров

Its area will be 554 sq. m.

Novosibirsk Zoo named after R. A. Shilo plans to start construction of a pavilion for keeping Japanese macaques in 2023. Funds for these purposes will be allocated from the regional budget, the director of the institution, Andrey Shilo, said in the TASS press center on Tuesday.

"We are continuing the construction of the Asia Complex, which is a pavilion for Japanese macaques. It will be an aviary with elements of landscaping, it will be completely open. When Japanese macaques are sitting in a warm spring, in a geyser, and it's -3 [degrees] outside and it's snowing, it will be very beautiful and interesting," he said.

The project involves the creation of an outdoor aviary with an area of 554 sq. m, as well as playgrounds for visitors. According to Andrey Shilo, about 100 million rubles of investments are planned for the current year in the development of the zoo's infrastructure, 90 of them are funds from the regional government and the city hall. The pavilion project is large-scale, it is planned to launch it fully technically only by the spring of 2024, the zoo director explained. After the construction is completed, the zoo expects to receive the first three or four individuals of Japanese macaques, in general, the pavilion is able to accommodate about 10-12 animals.

The Novosibirsk Zoo, one of the largest in Russia, contains about 11 thousand individuals of 770 species in natural conditions on an area of 65 hectares. More than 350 of them are listed in the international Red Book. The zoo staff participates in 77 international programs for the conservation of rare and endangered species of animals. The zoo has one of the world's best collections of the feline family, including Amur tigers, Far Eastern and smoky leopards.

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